Ty Steele Band Seeking local talent


The Album:
I have released a full length fusion album called Double Exposure, by the “Ty Steele Band.” The genre is a mix between jazz fusion and fusion-metal, with some progressive rock.

The studio contributors are comprised of some the most notable talents in this region, including Bill Hart & Vitali Tkachenka (guitar), Randy Hoexter (keys) and Adam Nitti (bass) and several other contributors.

I am seeking solid musicians to form a long-term entourage for paid performances and future touring. Radio interviews upcoming. I have a  reputable booking agent ready to book us late Summer, and get us on the road. Rehearsals begin in the next several weeks, probably middle of March.

This is a great opportunity for talented musicians who want to break out of the cycle of local gigs.

I can easily arrange ticketed performances at the Cosmopolitan Live, Hard Rock or the Variety Playhouse, and I have access to radio personalities for certain jazz and fusion programs around the Atlanta area. I just need a powerful stage performance, comprised of high-level professionals.

*** I will ensure that everyone is paid well for any performance. ***


  • Keyboard player with expansive MIDI or patch knowledge; you will likely require a stack of keyboards – think “Toto;” I’m hoping to emulate the original album synth sounds as closely as possible.
  • 6-string bassist (preferably 6-str) with the ability to lead/solo; slap and percussive ability is required; Certain bass fills from the album should be as-is.
  • A Guitarist that can handle most of the sounds (the rest would be backing tracks or pedal-board loops, if only one guitarist). FOUND!

All musicians must be capable of performing with in-ear monitors, and to a click track and/or backing track. And being a “maestro of sounds” is a major requirement for synth and guitar on this project; some music theory is important.

The Material and the Vision:
This is not a standard jazz-fusion band. The songs require great skill and are complex in nature. The album is a highly technical and challenging work that is full of energy and style variation. There are lots of time-signature and key changes. It is modern and heavy in some places, and jazzy in others; it oscillates between being keyboard-driven and guitar-driven. Largely, the music is metal-fusion within jazz chords, structured like modern progressive rock.

There will be a handful of fusion covers, but not many, as this is an originals-only stage production. Any covers played will be more like remakes.

The end goal is to have a full 90-minute internationally performed stage production. It will involve certain aspects of a modern prog-rock act, with use of in-ear monitors, click-tracks, backing tracks and a rock stage presence (and in the future: lights, fog, projected images). The music will lean more toward metal-fusion, with some jazz aspects. The band would dress and perform on stage as if it were a prog-rock band: the look will be part of the act.

Rehearsals would need to be at least once a month for local folks, and likely just a talk through on video for remote players. The goal is to be fully operational by the end of six months. Sheet music and/or individual study tracks (instrument stems and play along files) from the album would be provided to each musician.

If you feel that this musical vision is for you (or someone you know):
Please leave your recommendations by tagging someone (if on Facebook) or commenting with their name. Otherwise, INBOX / PM me with any videos/recordings you might have, websites, references and experience.

Contact me directly:
(770) 695-3683 / tyrone@tysteeleband.com
I respond usually within the hour.

The Material: