Jay Frigoletto

Jay 1Jay Frigoletto is an internationally recognized mastering engineer with gold, multi-plantinum, and Grammy winning albums, and clients spanning 6 continents. He is a veteran of the Los Angeles and Atlanta audio communities and is also an accomplished producer, mixer, and virtuosic multi-instrumentalist.

Jay specializes in capturing real performances from real instruments, whether rock, bluegrass, R&B, jazz, metal, or beyond.

His credits encompass multi-genre music from well-known artists and post-production for feature film and prime-time network TV drama.

Artists Jay has worked with includes: Alice in Chains, Oasis, India Arie, Ani DiFranco, Nonpoint, INXS, Black Eyed Peas, Kix, Eddie Money, Jimmy Webb, Yellowjackets, Intocable, and the X-Men 2 soundtrack.

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