Vitali Tkachenka

Vitali - 1A native of Belarus, Vitali began his formal music training under the guidance of widely respected Yuri Dzmitrieu of the Ethno-Trio Troitsa. In 2004 while working at the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Vitali seized the opportunity to study with Vladimir Tkachenko, a widely admired Belarusian professional guitarist who is known particularly for his two-hand tapping technique. Due to his exposure to the unique two-hand tapping technique, Vitali began to incorporate it into his own style of playing. Following his experience in Vitebsk, Vitali went on to study guitar and music on a University level at the Institute of Modern Knowledge. During his time at the Institute of Modern Knowledge, Vitali was featured on a national radio broadcast of The Renaissance of Guitar in Belarus.


  In 2009, Vitali released single “Fly Away”, and in July 2011 Vitali released his debut solo record “Sides” as Vitali T Project. In 2011 as author Vitali released bookModern Scales Concepts” (Atlanta Institute of Music & VTP Publishing), in 2013 Vitali released three books: “Diatonic Modes Concepts” (Atlanta Institute of Music & VTP Publishing), “Killer Technique: Electric Guitar” (as co-writer with jazz guitarist Corey Christiansen – Mel Bay Publications) and “Modern Scales Concepts – Extended Edition” (Atlanta Institute of Music & VTP Publishing). Vitali - 2In 2015, Vitali released single “Sometime Tomorrow”, and in January 2016 Vitali released his solo record “Season of Rains” as Vitali T Project. Vitali is endorsed by Carvin (guitars & amps), Eastman (guitars), Godin (guitars), One-Control (switchers & pedals), WGS (speakers) and Dean Markley (strings). Vitali continues as a guitar program faculty member at Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

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