Album: M’AlgoRhythms

New Album Release begins 2020!

M'AlgoRhythms CD package cover (2018) - Front
M’AlgoRhythms 2018 album cover

So very much has happened since Double Exposure was released in December of 2016. We have decided to release one single about every quarter, give or take, until the album is completed.

First song release: Auðr (GJ-541b – A Voyage to Arcturus)

The planet, “GJ-541,” is in the Arcturus solar system. It is an earth-like planet. I have named the planet, “Auðr,” the nephew of Thor.

Buy it HERE for $1: BandCamp link to Auðr

Second song release: Jörð (Gliese 876d, Super Earth in Aquarius)

The planet, “Gliese 876d,” is in the constellation of Aquarius. It is an earth-like planet. I have named it “Njörð” after the Nordic god of the sea

Buy it here for $1:  BandCamp link to Njörð


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